About Kifaayat

We live in a complicated and noisy world. The financial industry contributes to this noise. We strongly believe in cutting out some of the unwanted noise and instead let data do the talking.

With Kifaayat, you get unbiased and unfiltered recommendations for free. The basis for these decisions are not our own interpretation, or even opinion of an ‘expert’ but hard facts.

We want to understand you and to understand us, that's why we avoid using impossible financial terms. Let's speak clearly, our time is now!

Our Values


We want to be as transparent as possible. Enough of the fine print and conditions that are not understood. You will know at all times what you’re getting into.

Great Experience

We want to make our clients' financial lives easy and even enjoyable. We take utmost care to give you that experience.


We look for innovative and effective solutions that make our customer’s life easier. We will always keep working to come up with simpler solutions.

Who we are

We understand how frustrating it is to deal with a Bank (with all the unjustified hidden fees, hidden T&Cs and ineffective customer service). Kifaayat was built to simplify all of that. We want to help you get ahead in your financial journey. 


We are a team of ex-Bankers, Techies, and data nerds committed to bringing you transparency and accuracy no matter where you are in your financial journey.

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